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Cooperstown Winter Carnival

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This year, we have teamed up with local businesses and community groups to offer this fun and exciting calendar raffle to raise funds for our beloved Cooperstown Winter Carnival.

Tickets to enter the month-long raffle are available for a $10 donation each, or six for $50.

One winning ticket will be selected each day.

Donations for this program are accepted through December 26th, 2023 so don’t wait to make your donation!

Over $3,100 in prizes will be awarded throughout the month of January!

Local business and community groups that appear on the calendar have sponsored one day in January by contributing the prize money to be awarded to the lucky winner who has their ticket drawn for that day. Winners will be announced daily on our Facebook page. 

To obtain your calendar raffle tickets,  please complete the form below.
Payment processing is provided courtesy of Central NY Mobile Marketing, in Hartwick, NY.

Thank you for playing, and for supporting the
Cooperstown Winter Carnival! 

Your donation is appreciated.

2023 Calendar Raffle Fundraiser
Receive a raffle ticket for each $10 donated, or 6 tickets for $50 donation.

Committee Members accepting Donations for Zuzu's Treasure Trove

If you prefer to pay using cash or check, you can make your donation to any of the 2024 Winter Carnival Committee Members listed below. 
You or the Committee member receiving your payment will be responsible for entering your information so that you will receive a confirmation of your donation by email.

Nancy Angerer
Marcy Birch
Rosemary Brodersen
Jim Donaldson
Bill Francis
Carina Franck
Cay Franck
Keith Gulla
Claire Kepner
Veronica Pokorny
Larissa Ryan